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This blog post originally appeared on Haphazard.Business blog on 3 September 2022

The Fourth Portal popup in Great Yarmouth has been open for four of six weeks. These weeks are to iron out wrinkles within the business plan and to reconnect with suppliers and the broader P7 network. Things are going well, and most importantly, it’s fun!


Fourth Portal popup in Great Yarmouth, summer 2022

Welcome Drinks Invite | Thursday, 8 Sept 2022 from 6pm

We are on week four of six at the Fourth Portal set-up stage. It is going as much as I was expecting. Some things are going smoother than anticipated, whilst in other areas, there have been some unexpected challenges. We have nothing bad to report. It has – mostly – been fun. We are attracting attention and already have some cheerleaders. Our coffee roasting is from the HMP Mount prison. It is going down very well and bringing people back. It looks likely we will have a cool pizza popup from week six outside. Yet another business working with released prisoners.

Our attention this week shifted back to the hybrid Liftpod. The concept is challenging but also hugely enjoyable. I am annoying Lauren, my long-suffering occasional colleague who has to endure me each day! This week I am being deliberately too vague on what hardware we should use in the Liftpod :). John Kozak and Val, developers of the Flatlands part of the LiftPod, are a real giggle to work alongside. Lauren is close to having the local network (our own internal Google drive) up and running. Once done, we can pick up the chat about the next stage of our internal network with guru James Stevens of SPC. A large chunk of the prep work for our provenance Annalist system is complete. Graham, who developed Annalist, is back from holiday, meaning we will continue with stage one.

New artworks

On Thursday, Peter Rodulfo brought his first painting of Stonecutters Way to the Fourth Portal. The artwork juxtaposes nicely with Kev Gavaghan’s work in the Mind Room next door. Local artist Lisa came in with some work to show us. We liked it and plan to display it soon.

Work by Peter Rodulfo being installed in the Fourth Portal pop in Great Yarmouuth

Moonbow Margate 2011 Feel

A Margate 2011 feeling is developing at the Fourth Portal popup in Great Yarmouth. I can sense the slow build-up of positive energy. The Fourth Portal is inspiring confidence in locals. Already some are taking the plunge to ask to become involved.

Several couples from the Roma community have been popping by to try and buy a particular chandelier. I have resisted selling for two reasons. 1) the offers are too low and 2) it is a real attractor. The chandelier is forming relationships. Whereas at the beginning of this popup there were stern faces, now we receive big smiles and hellos. Despite language barriers, a sense of fun is building around who will manage to buy the light – if anyone!

A fun bidding war has broken out to try and secure this chandelier

There’s a different atmosphere in GY from the previous experience when I sought to open Fourth Portal. It is hard to nail down what the difference is. What I know is it is just a different feel. Maybe it is the unfolding economic crisis focusing minds on what is important. Or possibly it is just because it is sunny and been lovely weather throughout the summer. No doubt we will find out soon enough.

Fancy some Prosecco?

If you fancy a glass of Prosecco, come along on Thursday, 8 September 2022, after 6pm to the Fourth Portal at 2 Stonecutters Way, Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, England, HR30 1HF. You will receive a warm welcome.

More soon, John M

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