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Welcome to our new online Lucia House, which will soon include virtual versions of the real-world Fourth Portal locations.

We have 28 rooms in our new virtual house and will be Beta testing throughout January 2023 with a third season of the Discussion Festival. 

When fully operational, the Fourth Portal Lucia House will provide a replicated online version of our real-world locations. 

You can view the details of each room below by clicking on the image. 


Get in touch if you would like to host a room, find out about our hybrid offer or learn more about the Discussion Festival.

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More on Lucia House

The Lucia House was built from the bottom up by John Kozak and Val Wardlaw, along with the help of others from the Lucia Collective during the first lockdown.  It was initially constructed for friends to meet up virtually while physically moving around was restricted. The Lucia Collective and Fourth Portal came together during Platform-7 Events' first Discussion Festival and have collaborated ever since. 

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More on Discussion Festiival

Platform-7 Events devised The Discussion Festival during the pandemic lockdowns.  A key objective was to understand how people interacted in an online environment compared to an event in a real-world venue.  The Discussion Festival had a varying number of hosts each week discussing a wide range of topics.  Attendees could wander freely between the hosted tables and participate or sit and observe.  There were no restrictions on attendees' movements or when to arrive or leave.

The success of the initial Discussion Festivals led to an extended first season followed by a second season with the announcement of a third lockdown.   You can read more here.  

Join us for Season 3 below. 

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