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Fourth Portal @ St Andrew's Art Centre, Gravesend, DA12 2BD

Autumn Opening: 11.00am - 5.30pm Wednesday-Saturday

11.30am - 4.00pm Sunday

Our beautiful Fourth Portal, nestled by the river Thames in Gravesend, home to Pocahontas, introduces the latest innovations using old technologies in a chilled out former seafarers chapel. 

Fourth Portal @ St Andrew's Art Centre is a relaxed place to meet, socialise, work, learn, enjoy performances, art and workshops surrounded by an eclectic array of furnishings, books and technology under stunning stained glass windows. 

St Andrew's Art Centre is a challenging site for such an intervention due to the building's age, listed status and location.  

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We will have two artists in residence, a Mind Space and a stage.  


There is a rich history with plaques to the 1845 doomed John Franklin northwest passage expedition and wind scale creator Sir Francis Beaufort.


Charles Dickens made a significant contribution to the cost of constructing the building.  



003 A FP Lucia House [Grd floor] Library sofa 2 armchairs 3 chairs 1 desk Computer.png


FP blog image GY Mind Room poetry reading.JPG




The transformation of St Andrew's Art Centre in Gravesend, within one week, from an almost empty chapel to a relaxed social gathering space attracting more than 400 people without any advertising.