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ⓒ Kaori Homma


The Response

Copying a 1953 call-out to artists by papermaker Bowater to respond to the versatility of paper, the Fourth Portal received 65 responses from artists in Gravesend and from across the country. 


To celebrate the quality of response to the Versatility of Paper call out, the Fourth Portal created a special edition newspaper highlighting each piece of work submitted.   Articles include an interview with the former head papermaker at the Greenhithe Empire Paper Mills and how the paper industry shaped the destiny of Gravesend and Northfleet.   

We ordered 2,000 newspapers to be printed and distributed around Kent and London.  

The Call-Out

Print Artist-in-Resident Dawn Cole spotted the Bowater call-out in an old print magazine from 1953. 

There were 170 requests for us to provide vintage paper, with 65 responses returned by the 31 August 2023 deadline. 


The work is now on display at the Fourth Portal in Gravesend, with a newspaper momento to follow and a discussion of touring the work. 

October 2023

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Gravesham Borough Council Logo.png

The creation of the Versatility of Paper newspaper was kindly supported by Gravesham Borough Council. 

Autumn 2023

The Versatility of Paper call out was kindly supported by the Essex Cultural Diversity Project. 

Summer 2023

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