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Fourth Portal Industrial Revolution Events

 Conferences, Discsussions, Demonstrations, Exhibitions, Gigs 

Virtual Events

Online, Networking, Freedom of Movement

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Discussion Festival


The weekly Discussion Festival is where people from all walks of life and backgrounds, from experts to hobbyists, host different tables discussing various fascinating topics. The audience moves freely around different tables, without barriers or restriction, joining and leaving tables as they wish, creating a fun and dynamic experience, unlike anything on Zoom or Clubhouse.  Join us every Tuesday Evening UK time.

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Live Real-World Events

Covid Delayed Until Further Notice

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Sound Audio Acoustics

The poor relation to visual stimulus, sound is the most pervasive of our senses yet often only noticed when deemed as noise. With live soundart and audio performances and discussions, Fourth Portal will celebrate the beauty of sound and have invited talks and information on the career and entrepreneurial opportunities available in this field.

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Exhibitions, Art, Creativity


Exhibitions and art are integral to Fourth Portal as we seek to demonstrate the importance of creative practice in all aspects of life, including the development of new technologies.  Creativity will sit centre stage in the Fourth Industrial Revolution and be a vital aspect of all work, invention and wealth creation in the future.

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Talks, Demonstrations, Masterclasses, Symposiums


Fourth Portal works with many of the leading universities in the UK and Europe who are developing some of the most advanced technologies in the World.  Beyond the Covid-19 crisis, we will be presenting some of this research and demonstrating products that will soon become commonplace. 


Masterclasses and Q&As are aimed at entrepreneurs, creatives and those seeking a career change, to find out more about working with engineers and scientist and potential opportunities it may offer.

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