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Creating the conditions to stimulate new forms of social gathering, which inspire people to form networks, develop ideas and create new businesses, has been central to the Fourth Portal journey. After eight months, Grvesend has reached that stage, leading to the next chapter.

Fourth Portal Versatility of Paper newspaper launch

It's eight months since the Fourth Portal opened its doors at St. Andrew's Art Centre by the River Thames in Gravesend. There were some concerns from local people that they were about to lose access to the space, yet these were quickly dispelled. The ability to take friends and family to see the organ on display and admire the mosaic, tiles and stunning windows brought the Fourth Portal many friends.

Focal point

Rather than losing the space, the Fourth Portal is slowly becoming a focal point for people in the town who wish to try something new, see what opportunities exist or pursue a dream.

Knowledge transfer

The Fourth Portal has access to a fortunate plethora of expertise, from professional artists to senior academics, engineers to urban planners. Initially, we bring in this expertise to demonstrate what is behind the Fourth Portal before encouraging residents to take up the mantle and feel confident to suggest ideas, get involved or simply observe while enjoying the coffee.

Since returning from the 2023 Christmas break, there has been a considerable increase in the number of people living in Gravesend coming to the Fourth Portal for advice, ideas and wanting involvement.

Sunday afternoon working, socialising, relaxing at the Fourth Portal (January 2024)


The Fourth Portal has never been about art or the so-called creative industries. The Fourth Portal is about constructing gathering spaces that encourage people to come together to develop opportunities, meet new people, seek advice, and create businesses and jobs while sharing experiences. Even though the networked society has become more isolated, so it will be technology that will also be at the centre of bringing communities back together.

This winter and spring 2024, see the Fourth Portal move on to the next stage in Gravesend of laying the pipework for those wishing to create a business or other opportunity within Gravesham.

Homebrew Computer Club

The Homage to the Homebrew Computer Club will become a regular fortnightly event from Thursday, 25th January 2024, where we will invite experts to share bite-size tidbits for anyone looking to start a business.

The Homebrew Club was where, in 1975, Apple and Microsoft founders began their journey as teenagers interested in emerging microchips and home computing. The ability to exchange ideas and meet others from different backgrounds were essential ingredients in what later developed.

Several projects at the Fourth Portal are already in motion. We are open for anyone with a 'whacky' idea to feel confident to come along and talk about it. No presentations are required or even more than just a vague dream. The atmosphere is friendly and inspiring.

Flyer from a 2023 event

Join Us

Come along on Thursday, 25th January 2024, anytime that suits from 5pm til 9pm. Bring a sandwich if you need to eat. We have coffee and a licensed bar. We will see if we can arrange a couple of people to give some tips and will advertise in advance. See you there.

All future events can be found at

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