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Updated: Aug 21, 2020

Break in the weather turning significantly less warm with grey low clouds replacing the blue skies. Passing traffic fairly constant with little passing foot trade or custom, ending a not unexpected quiet week overall.

Reflecting on the Week

Besides some social media posts there has been no attempt to publicise the Fourth Portal, it is important to see who would just wander in. It is very apparent that few people wander along North Quay, most of the few people who pass are on their way to elsewhere, often Asda and occasionally the train station. These Coronavirus times also make it difficult to know whether Portal B would have been any busier if there was no pandemic or if it was still run by the previous landlord. Official figures for the pub trade during July is showing a 87% drop (BBC News website) year-on-year

I did meet some interesting people this week, had a few good exchanges and the quietness has allowed for several Haphazard blog posts to be developed that will begin the next stage of Fourth Portal, introducing the Paget garden and sound art.

Early next week the electrics require remedial work that may result in the pub closing for a few days, then there is the bank holiday, which I expect to also be pretty quiet on North Quay. I am now looking to the start of September to begin raising awareness of the Fourth Portal across Great Yarmouth and further afield.


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