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Updated: Aug 21, 2020

Another lovely hot day, stifling in some parts of the country by the sounds of it yet in Great Yarmouth it is perfect weather, meaning little foot or road traffic this side of town and offices almost empty, which allowed time to catch up on Paget potting and blog post


Haphazard Blog | Conformity Pressures

Wrote the first blog post on Haphazard Business for a few weeks discussing the complexity of changing the meaning of a place like a pub.

The Fourth Industrial Revolution is very likely to tear up the rulebook and opening the Fourth Portal in an old alehouse may provide a good real world example of how people react when old rules are overturned.

Read more here:

Paget Potting

A couple who are becoming regulars were particularly taken by the red begonias so I took a cutting and repotted it as a present. As the afternoon had no customers or potential passing trade I took to the garden for more plant tendering.

Paget garden this evening and red Begonia

John M

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