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Beautiful day, not much custom, visit from local CAMRA person who will update What Pub website, issues with electric, some wine finally arrives, bottling issues across the drinks industry, further work on the Paget garden and stunning sunset where Paget once walked.


Hot and quiet again as last Tuesday, with little passing foot traffic and light road traffic. Began day creating more money plants from the only plant found seeming healthy when taking over the St John's Head. A neighbour asked if she could steal a pot plant so I gave her one of the established ones from the plant exchange table.

Mother Money Plant | Latest Cuttings | Plants from Cuttings in the Spring

Electric Work

St John's Head dates back to at least the 1700s and has not been updated properly since the 1960s. The electrician informed me this morning that Portal B may need to close for a few days while they carry out remedial work before a plan can be put together for a much bigger refurbishment of the entire building in 2021. More on this later in the week.

CAMRA What Pub

Konrad who is charged with updating the CAMRA What Pub website came in for a beer and find out more about progress.

Jovial and friendly he liked the bright atmosphere and fully understood the issues in trying to opened an old pub and update during the present pandemic. He had a Panther Beast of the East, which he enjoyed. He will update the What Pub website showing reduced opening hours, bottle ales only and limited facilities while work continues to get the building up to standard.

CAMRA - The Campaign for Real Ale - Good Beer Guide 2019 and 2020

Wine Arrives

There are ongoing supply issues right across the industry with yet another email from a local brewer unable to supply due to bottling issues. Cash and Carry earlier also had much reduced stock and lack of bottle beers. Wine has also been an issue to source as there has been no tastings since March and supply issues, Today a first small batch arrived from France, on recommendation, that will be tried out later.

Grand Mayne Cotes de Duras

Repotting Plants

As it was so quiet, and having managed to catch up on the journal posts and other bits on computer I decided to take advantage of the shade to begin repotting many of the plants brought last week by Gillian from Busworks. It is a lovely way to spend a couple of hours and it is noticeable how local people are now beginning to become interested in how the garden is shaping up.

Sunset Behind Asda

I was just too late capture the full round red sun over the marsh at the back of Asda, it was stunning. I made a short video linking this area to the emerging Paget garden, 2mins runtime.

Sun Back of Asda, Great Yarmouth

Stunning Sunset Back of Asda, Great Yarmouth

John M

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