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Lovely hot day in Great Yarmouth, very quiet again this side of town, put out the chalkboards and introduced the garden lab as I prepared the James Paget garden.


The Day

A neighbour came to visit and a woman who noted the chalk boards, otherwise a super quiet day outside as well as in. Spent most of it catching up on blog and other office work. What happened today...

Garden Lab

The bamboo fence that surrounds Portal B's garden came from the back of the house where I am living, having cut it back in January 2020 and left to dry. Most of the plants now blooming came from the flat roof at the back of the pub, all dying or seemingly dead in February. Over the spring I nurtured these plants with compost and water and have begun returning them along with tomato and bean plants I had begun growing and some plant seeds and babies from a friend's allotment.

Garden Lab (1min)

Chalk Boards

I placed some chalkboards out the front with a conversational tone. During previous interventions these have proven very good in attracting people who would normally be reticent to enter an unknown pub on their own, they were particularly popular with women. Within 10minutes an older woman came in and ordered a Panther Mild (3%) attracted by the boards. She loved the beer as it was tasty however not strong for the daytime. Thereafter virtual silence except for neighbour popping in to visit.

Chalk boards inviting conversation
Chalk Boards Outside Portal B | Day 3

John M

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