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Peter Rodulfo

Great Yarmouth

Artist: Paintings of Great Yarmouth

The abstract dreamlike paintings of Peter Rodulfo of Great Yarmouth sought to invite visitors to see and consider the town through an alternative lens and think of how technology could transform it for the better.
Peter Rodulfo (b. 1958, Washington DC) is a British artist and sculptor.  He spent much of his youth travelling across India and Australia before settling in Norfolk.  
Peter studied at the Norwich School of Art and Design between 1975 to 1979.  His first solo exhibition was in 1980 at the Margaret Fisher Gallery; he has continued to exhibit widely over the next forty years in the UK, Europe, Asia, the USA, and South America. For the past decade, he has resided in the Norfolk coastal town of Great Yarmouth, where he has absorbed the novel visual experience of the urban environment and popular seaside culture.  
The subject matter, style and imagery of his paintings have remained broad and experimental, possessing a variety of meanings while directly addressing the viewer's powers of association and imagination.
Peter's work inhabits the world between what we know and dream, treading a line between reality and imagination. His artworks evoke a kind of instability, a sense that change, like the end to a long British Winter, is only constant. 

Peter Rodulfo

Summer and Autumn 2022

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