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Matt Davies

Fourth Portal Lab, Gravesend

Textiles Artist In Residence

Matt Davies is a designer specialising in sportswear and outdoor equipment and the curator of the Fourth Portal's 'Textiles, Garb and the Thames', which kicks off the Fourth Portal's Textiles spring season.
Matt, a designer specialising in sportswear and outdoor equipment, is based in Kent, drawing inspiration from his surroundings for fresh concepts and design ideas.

With a design ethos primarily focused on maximising functionality and performance, Matt extensively researches new fabric advancements. He experiments with innovative pattern-cutting concepts to enhance clothing performance while maintaining a sleek appearance.

Having gained experience from studying at the London College of Fashion and working at companies like Vollebak and Purple Mountain Observatory, Matt's goal is to establish a studio in Kent and launch his own tailored clothing range for various conditions.
Matt's workflow revolves around digital methods, incorporating 3D software and machine learning algorithms into his pieces. An enthusiastic graphic designer and illustrator, he explores new concepts in his free time and integrates them into future projects.

His contributions to the Fourth Portal include organising the 'Textiles, Garb, and the Thames' event, spanning ten days. This event aims to raise awareness about local maritime industries and textile technologies, showcasing their evolution over time. Matt plans to integrate these insights into his future work, exploring how modern maritime clothing can be both functional and stylish.

Explore Matt's work at or on Instagram @mattlorcandavies.

Matt Davies

01-10 February 2024

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