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Hypermedia Event Curators At Fourth Portal

Gravesend born and bred Harriet Hammond and Joe Clarey are the curators of a growing alternative Open Space series at the Fourth Portal in Gravesend.

Meet Joseph

One half of Hypermedia

Creative practice: unwilling anthropologist,amateur street photographer,stylist,spoken word artist and clothes appreciator (some say hoarder) 

•What prompted you to create events? 

I've always wanted to do events in one dynamic or another but I have always had imposter syndrome and overly procrastinate in situations. It was actually the amalgamation of John at the fourth portal (@fourthportal) being so facilitating and supportive, and Hypermedias co founder Harriets’ energy that I could bounce ideas off of that really made me take the first step. The whole process felt really organic. (Shout out to Harriet, hypermedia wouldn't exist without her💃💃)

•What’s your favourite thing about the events so far?

The event as a whole just overwhelms me with pride. Afterwards me and Harriet are always elated and stunned by what transpires but I would have to say my favorite thing is just the sheer diversity and eclectic nature of the artists who participate and also of the crowd alike. Just being a part of something that brings people together and makes them feel comfortable with being vulnerable or even powerful (why not both) is truly a highlight to my month. So with that in mind I would like to say thank you to everyone Involved and I look forward to growing with you all.

Meet Harriet

The other half of Hypermedia

Creative practice: Sculpture, video, stop motion, performance, clowning around.

•What prompted you to create the event?

I have a strong passion for self expression and love seeing people express themselves too. I thought about the idea for a few years but it wasn’t until I visited @fourthportal a few times that it became a reality. I invited a few friends to come down to the space as I loved the atmosphere and vibe that has been created. On a random afternoon I invited joe down and we chilled and chatted to John for a couple hours. 

Joes poetry and Joe in general has always inspired me, but it wasn’t until we went into the space, where we started talking about the idea of an event for all forms of art, with the opportunity for people to get in front of an audience, in a safe space. Both me and joe being from Gravesend also prompted us to create an event that we felt was needed in the town.SE


Ongoing from August 2023

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