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Kevin Gavaghan

Great Yarmouth and Gravesend

Artist: Mind Room

The paintings of Kevin Gavaghan in Great Yarmouth and Gravesend Fourth Portals were conversation starters around technologies that can assist those suffering from mental health issues in positive ways.
Kevin Gavaghan is a self-taught artist, originating from North London and now working from his studio in Hertford. His paintings are evocative figurative imagery dancing around the fringes of surrealism and abstract art.  
Kevin predominantly paints in oils.  His process involves collecting images and photographs that inform an emotional connection about any given moment in his past. The artworks reflect emotional memories of his life growing up in the 1970s in a large Irish family, coping with the complexity of life with Tourette Tics and anxiety-related illnesses.  
Paintings are created organically and continue to develop throughout the process.  
Each painting will often change personality many times before settling on what Kevin believes reflects a truth within his thoughts. An eye condition called ‘Central Serous Retinopathy (CSR) developed 20 years ago that sometimes distorts his vision by producing fluid on his retina. Kevin chose to embrace the condition within his art.  This embrace has led to a palette and application of bold vibrant colours.  
The paintings dissect and bend his figures and portraits to the point of abstraction.  For Kevin, it highlights the multi-layers of life and our inner emotions rather than the external likeness of his subject. 

   Kevin Gavaghan

Summer 2022 and Summer 2023

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