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Fourth Portal B St Johns Head Great Yarmouth

  Portal B | St John's Head  

Portal B status updated June 2021

Pandemic Lockdown and Restrictions

Portal B opened in June 2020 with many restrictions following the first UK Covid-19 lockdown.  A licensed premises, Portal B was unable to host live gigs, workshops or exhibitions.  Customers could only enter the premises with people within their own household and were not allowed to stand or move around.  A further lockdown in November 2020 and the ongoing restriction from May 2021 when guests were again allowed with table seating only inside made the project unviable.

Learning and Virtual Portals

Although Portal B was an exceptionally difficult situation, the learning from creating the space and how it engaged those who visited did provide useful insights that contributed to the thinking behind Portal D and particularly Portal C.  This will be written up and posted on the journal pages on this website and the Haphazard.Business blog, which is documenting the portal's creation process.  20 June 2021.

Original Text and Plan for Portal B pre-pandemic March 2020

Portal B transforms a traditional English pub into a futuristic cafe bar shared workspace offering light locally sourced food, soundart and electronic performances and talks.

Work Lounge

Surrounded by challenging art, this comfortable conceptual oasis encourages discovery of fascinating innovations and facilitates discussion on the wider impact of technology, climate change and the implications for work and business.


Front and rear seating areas offer alternative, relaxed spaces to work, study, meet friends and develop new ideas and while away time.


Live soundart and audio performances, invited talks and discussions celebrates sound, audio and acoustics and offers information on careers and entrepreneurial opportunities available in the field. Covid Delayed until further notice.

Portal B, St John's Head, 58 North Quay, Great Yarmouth, NR30 1JB

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