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  Portal D | Fourth Portal Pavilion  

The Fourth Portal Pavilion Arena and Lounge offers clients almost unlimited online options for larger events, conferences and gatherings with a capacity of up to 2,000 people at one time.

Fourth Portal Pavilion Lounge

The lounge area consists of beautifully designed customisable tables that provides for multiple hostings to take place simultaneously, with attendees and delegates free to move around unhindered.   The Fourth Portal Lounge delivers exceptional versatility to run all kinds of smaller events, workshops, gatherings, talks and new working methods.  With pricing to suit even the tightest budget, the lounge is suitable for large corporations and individuals to hire.


Fourth Portal Pavilion Arena

The Pavilion Arena is for sizable events, whether to cope with large numbers of guests or need for multiple stages and exhibition spaces. 


Start as you mean to go on with a beautifully designed, customised reception area when guests enter your event. 


Multiple stages can be created with up to 10 running simultaneously, each with up to 10 speakers per stage, and the audience able to move freely between each of the stages unhindered.   Each stage has a backstage area where host and panel can meet before going live and can share screen, upload presentations in advance or live stream in from another platform.  All stages can be streamed out on Facebook or YouTube live.  Full HD recording available on request.


The lounge allows all guests and hosts to congregate in one area.  Guests are able to stay in the lounge throughout the event should they wish, and move freely among the tables. There is a dedicated networking option that provides random matching of guests allowing from 2 to 20minutes of discussion before being matched to the next person.  Excellent tool for bringing people together.   


Up to 50 exhibition booths are available that provide a multitude of ways to display work, products, innovations or classwork.  Fully customisable, each space is fully contained and includes tables for visitors to talk to the team behind the display.  The booths can be open or restricted and configured to each client's needs.   Videos and assets can be uploaded in advance and a live stream is available into the space on the day of the event, plus much more. 

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