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Elliott Sirota-Gott

Multimedia artist and music maker born in Kent. Working under the artist name 'smelliott', they are dedicated to creating extreme art to push how people view and interact with art and music.

I first heard about the Fourth Portal through Hypermedia. I heard about the event around September 2023.

Elliott Sirota-Gott
Q1:  ​How and when did you first discover the Fourth Portal?

I first heard about the Fourth Portal through Hypermedia. I heard about the event around September 2023.

Q2:  ​What were your initial impressions?

Such a cool space. I really love how the old paintings from the church blend with the old tech sprawled everywhere. I remember meeting John, as well as Joe and Harriet (who run Hypermedia) and feeling really welcome. It's not a place someone might expect to be in Gravesend.

Q3:  How has Fourth Portal inspired you?

Fourthportal is just an encouraging space. Having monthly events like Hypermedia really gets me to make at least one musical piece a month, especially when I'm in a bit of a drought. It's a place that is easy to look forward to going to. It really does feel like a small community of people.

Q4:  ​Will the inspiration be of benefit in the future?

Without inspiration, people wouldn't create! I think Fourthportal is an important place, especially with the events that are on. Giving artists a space to perform in front of people, often for the first time, is essential. If Fourthportal is around, people will always have a place to be inspired and perform and make things.

Q5: ​(optional)  Anything you wish to add?

Fourthportal is also great for meeting artists and other creative people. I wouldn't know so many people if it wasn't for the space, including the people who run the artists collective and gallery space I am a part of.

Addendum [Fourth Portal].
Elliot (Smelliot) is now collaborating with Kieron C at Metamorphika studio, a developing alliance of independent contemporary artists taking workspace into a new realm. Hackney resident Kieron came to the Fourth Portal following a random meeting with Fourth Portal John on a train. Elliot from Whitstable met Kieron at Hypermedia in the summer. This meeting of minds and collaboration away from the Fourth Portal captures how networks form and new movements begin, resembling the original vision for the Net.

Metamorphika Studio wrote: "We love what you are proposing at Fourth Portal and we have been inspired by your mode of operating since we started Metamorphika Studio."

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