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Fourth Portal Technology Hub Great Yarmouth
 Hybrid portal spaces imagining life in the Fourth Industrial Revolution 

The Portals

Real-World and Virtual Gathering Venues For Meeting, Conferences & Social Events

Portals are the next generation of gathering spaces, merging the real and virtual worlds for work, leisure and events.

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Online conference and exhibition pavilion offering up to 10 stages simultaneously, exhibit spaces, lounge areas and networking for up to 2,000 people.


Laidback online manor house over 4-floors, perfect for awaydays, interactive workshops, social gatherings, informal meetings and project development sessions. 


Real world traditional English pub creating the UK's first hybrid (real world & virtual simultaneously) public social gathering space, derailed by the pandemic. 


Real world test site combining shopping, non-alcoholic lounge and workspace to be combined with virtual working.  Unable to open due to Covid-19. 

The Alternative To Zoom, Teams and Meets

Why It's Different


Up to 2,000 delegates can move freely around unhindered. All back of house requirements are taken care of so you can concentrate on your event.


Perfect for workshops or demonstraions in the knowledge that spaces are fully secure with no recording of tables or records kept of chats, ideal for teaching children and tackling sensitive subjects.


Excellent alternative for people unable to collaborate in a real life setting, offering numerous methods to engage with colleagues, clients, suppliers and peers virtually from home.


All aspects of your event are contained within one online virtual venue, making organising simple for you and an easier, more enjoyable experience for your clients and guests.


Feel confident in running a meeting or gathering in the knowledge of having your own dedicated help desk available throughout your live event.

Discussion Festival Test Events

Weekly Event Where Audience Move Freely Between Hosted Tables

The Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR)?

Tomorrow's Technology Today

How Ideas Become Reality

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Beyond Covid-19

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