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  Portal C | Flatlands Manor 

Portal C is our Fourth Portal house, called Flatlands Manor, a new kind of meeting and gathering venue built specially for events that require a more relaxed online social space.  Spread over 4-floors, Flatlands Manor guests are only required to use their arrow keys to move around, providing ample opportunities to quite literally bump into other guests, making it perfect for the more informal kinds of gathering and parties.  A range of special features make it ideal for corporate awaydays, interactive workshops and whodoneit type events.

Flatlands Manor

Owned by Lord and Lady Flatland, Flatland Manor has a number of separate soundproof rooms, separated by hallways and stairwells.  The house includes a small theatre with it's own Green Room, a billiards table and library, where books, documents and other resources can be accessed.  Record players, musical instruments and computers allow guests to set their own mood.  Flatlands Manor is continuingly being modernised with new rooms and technologies coming soon, including a bar, garden and dance room. 

Work and Corporate Events

Flatlands Manor is perfect for online occasions that require less formality.  Company awaydays and training sessions, where it is important for attendees to mix and collaborate work particularly well.  Each room is soundproofed and in larger rooms conversations reduce in volume the further someone moves from the discussion, allowing for multiple conversations in the same room, while creating a buzzy atmosphere as in a bar or cafe.  There are no avatars, attendees' faces appear in squares via their computer camera.  There is no recording of conversations or rooms, providing excellent privacy.

Parties, Gigs, Performances and Whodoneit?

With the pandemic still causing havoc with planning parties, weddings, gigs and other real-life events, Flatland Manor offers an alternative option, backup plan and/or virtual location for guests who cannot attend in person.  Get in touch to find out how we can assist you create a hybrid invite that means the show goes on regardless of circumstances.

Portal C, Flatlands Manor, Virtual Woods, Great Online, Nr Nasa, Richland, England, NW99 4IR

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