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 Fourth Portal 

Who can come in?

Anyone** As with any traditional shop, pub or cafe, people are welcome to sit, browse, read a book or meet friends.  Non-exclusive, reasonably priced.

Does Fourth Portal sell food and drink?

Yes. High quality coffee and cake and selected beers, wines and non-alcohol beverages, with a tempting casual menu providing a range of light food options sourced mainly from local suppliers.   

What else does Fourth Portal sell?

We sell small quantities of specially selected items that reflect the future, from soaps with no harmful chemicals that naturally breakdown in water to gadgets that reduce waste while improving everyday life.

Does Fourth Portal run events?

Yes.  Soundart and electronic audio gigs, talks, demonstrations, exhibitions and symposiums on new and future technology, environment and entrepreneurship.

Is there a membership fee?

No. Open to all.

Who runs Fourth Portal?

Fourth Portal is the brainchild of John McKiernan, who decided in early 2019 to set off on a Haphazard Business journey to create his long held plan.  On route, he met entrepreneur Gillian Harwood, who has fallen in love with Great Yarmouth and was seeking to find a new and innovative use for some classic buildings recently acquired in the town - read more here.

*  Visit to see more.

** On-License premises meaning under 16s must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

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