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Wavelength Orchestra Aug23

19 August 2023
Following the successful Wavelength Orchestra performance in June, an even large ensemble returned to Bawley Bay (next to the Fourth Portal) for another afternoon of sound-making.
About the event
The Fourth Portal, along with sound artist-in-residence Richard Sanderson, extended a warm welcome to everyone to join the Wavelength Orchestra. 

The first performance in June saw more than 30 people create a gentle, ambient and joyous afternoon of sound.  The event captivated participants and passerbys, creating a medative and relaxing atmosphere. 

You can watch and listen to the event here  Drone footage captured beautfully by Howard Rosenberg (From Above - Aerial Photography) with binareal sound by Felix X Tigersonic.  
The Wavelength Orchestra is an open-access group of musicians brought together to perform a long-form, slowly evolving piece of music - the score of which is the River Thames breaking on the beach.

The performance was free to attend

Additional Performers were sought up to the beginning of the performance.

The Wavelength Orchestra welcomes additional performers from communities near and far.

All was needed was a portable instrument, which doesn't need mains electricity, and to attend a workshop in the Fourth Portal at 2.30 before the performance. 

All skill levels were welcome.

This event has ended.

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