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Mike Cooper

8 October 2023
A rare opportunity to see the extraordinary musician Mike Cooper performing live in the intimate Fourth Portal Lab.
About the event

Mike Cooper has been described as "the icon of post-everything music".

This was a rare opportunity to see the extraordinary musician Mike Cooper performing.

Mike Cooper
Mike Cooper (b.1942) was a pioneer of the 1960s folk/blues scene alongside John Renbourn, Bert Jansch and Davey Graham, but his restless exploration and enthusiasm for world music and experimental music led him to greatly expand his repertoire. More recent work straddles the genres of free improvisation, ambient electronica, and Polynesian exotica, whilst his original country/folk influences and technique are never too far from the surface.

Cooper has long been fascinated by the tragic story of the Franklin voyage, commemorated by a plaque in the home of the Fourth Portal, St. Andrew's Mission Church, Gravesend, and this unique performance will include a meditation, including video projections, on this expedition.

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