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Hypermedia DIY Open Space 6

7 February 2024
A full house and performance roster on the first Hypermedia Open Space of 2024. DIY poetry, spoken word, music, open mic, visuals, art and discussion ran from 7pm until 11pm. Curated by Gravesend's very own Hypermedia Events, the occasion attracts audiences and performers from across Kent, London and Gravesham.
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About This Event

Hypermedia Open Space is an emerging new kind of performance gathering event. Developed in the Fourth Portal over the past 6-months by local curators Harriet Hammond and Joe Clarey, Hypermedia is quite different to other open mic-type events. The open-style format attracts performers and audiences from a wide area, including London and the Kent coast. As Joe Cleary, one of the founders' says, 'Hypermedia is inclusive to any medium of art'.

Hypermedia merges gathering spaces, 1960s happenings, living room gigs and open mic into an alternative mix that is hard to categorise. Friendly, supportive and open to anyone wishing to develop a creative practice, Hypermedia Open Space is growing a reputation as a place that is transforming the arts scene in Gravesend and North Kent.

Performers at Hypermedia 6

Joseph Cleary
Clementine Canpont
Anthony hart
Sophie sirota
Simeon smith
Chris porcas
Zach Davies
Lee Campbell
Pip McDonald
Tony Thorley
Dan Clifford
Knitted tongues groups consists of Meej Douglas, Em Doodles and Sandra Zanetti
Amy Boyle
Melanie sapiets

Knitted tongues

Hypermedia Open Space 7
The next Hypermedia will take place on Wednesday, 13 March 2024. 

This event has ended, the Hypermedia event series is ongoing. Amy Boyle
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