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Down From London

18 January 2024
London based photographer and convenor of Goldsmith's MA in Photography and Urban Culture, Paul Halliday, spent 20 years making images of various parts of London. Paul presented a selection, followed by a panel discussion and Q&A on parallels with Gravesend and developing photographic practice.
About the event

London based photographer Paul Halliday spent 20 years making images of various parts of London, including East London, Westminster, Greenwich and Brixton.  

The images capture a city shaking off its post-war malaise while grappling in different ways to accommodate a new economic model of finance, services and urban regeneration.  

The presentation will resonate with residents of Gravesend as it faces many of the dilemmas and possibilities London underwent during the 1990s and early 2000s. 

A short panel discussion will include local photographer Nigel Rumsey (@gravesendjournal), who moved to Gravesend 20 years ago and keen photographer, and Gravesend based photographers Charlotte May and Simon Martin (see more below).  

More on Paul
Paul is a photographer, film-maker and urbanist who originally trained in photojournalism and fine art film at the London College of Communications (LCC) and Central Saint Martin’s Art College. He did postgraduate studies in social anthropology, archaeology and art history at Goldsmiths College and the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge.

Paul's main focus is on urban and fine-art photography, documentary and fine art film, landscape and portraiture, urban ethnography, materialities and narratives of city life. He has worked on a number of long and medium-term photographic projects including a twenty-year project about London’s streets and public places, a project focusing on urban objects and materialities, and a recently completed project about global spaces and the collapse of geographic certainty.

Professional experience includes directing a Channel 4 documentary about the far-right in London, local government media consultancies, photojournalism and corporate photography, and he is a former media adviser at the British Refugee Council. 

Goldsmiths: Paul Halliday

Nigel Rumsey
Nigel is a documentary photographer based in Gravesend, working across London and the south-east of the UK. He publishes The Gravesend Journal, which focuses on stories from Gravesham and the local area.

Simon Martin 
Simon Martin is a Kent based photographer, focusing on social documentary photography and the use of land. Originally from Sittingbourne his upbringing in the suburbs has been a continued influence on his practise, visually and conceptually, now based in Gravesend he continues to create and show his work in the area as well as internationally.

This event has ended
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