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Alternative Gravesham

12 August 2023
An experimental all-day open event to showcase some of Gravesham's more unusual goings-on. Performance and presentations were tilted towards new technology, although they were not essential.

About the event

Alternative Gravesham was an all-day experimental Saturday open house event, inviting artists, technologists, writers, and inventors to bring in their latest idea, performance, art or innovation.   

This event was lightly curated, on a first-come, first-served approach.  Focused on being a relaxing and fun day, the day was to encourage residents of Gravesham to show the stuff they are creating in their bedrooms, shed or studio - we were pretty open to showing almost anything. 

Visitors to the Fourth Portal were encouraged to engage with the work, enjoy a beer or a coffee and see what is inspiring the local underground. 

This event has now ended
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