Fourth Portal Technology Hub Great Yarmouth
 Hybrid portal spaces imagining life in the Fourth Industrial Revolution 

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Great Yarmouth

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Portal A

Fourth Portal @ StonecutterSpace

A long time vacant building will slowly transform to become a buzzing non-alcoholic shared work lounge, shop and events space, with exhibitions, events and talks on technology, environment and entrepreneurship.

9 Stonecutters Way, Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, NR30 1HF


Portal B

Fourth Portal @ St John's Head

This once struggling pub will slowly transform from traditional English boozer into a futuristic cafe bar shared workspace offering light locally sourced food, soundart and electronic performances, talks and exhibitions.

58 North Quay, Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, NR30 1JB

Ongoing emergency electrical works - read more**‚Äč


Buy some of the most innovative and advanced products on the market.


Chill out with delicious coffee, beer or non-alcohol spirit and light bite in a friendly ambient relaxed atmosphere.


Fast broadband in comfy surroundings makes perfect for work, meetings, study and encountering the likeminded.


Learn about the latest technologies, entrepreneurship and best practice from leaders in the field of innovation.


The portals build a friendly, helpful, forward-looking, fun business and technology focused community.

The Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR)?

Tomorrow's Technology Today

How Ideas Become Reality

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