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SS Richard Montgomery Screening

3 December 2023
A special screening of 3D drone footage of the SS Richard Montgomery Medway shipwreck and how the Port of London Authority identify other wreaks in the Thames and estuary.
Port of London Authority Hyrdrogeograher, Cullen O Donnell presented 3D drone visualisation of the Medway shipwreck, SS Richard Montgomery, on the Fourth Portal Lab's big screen.  Cullen discussed shipwrecks in the Thames and how the footage of the wreck was gathered and manipulated.  

Thia was a one-off occassion and was accompanied by Joe Whittaker of DAZZLE and Ship's Company singing some sea-shanties in keeping with the Thames and shipwrecks.  

More on the SS Richard Montgomery, from New Scientist Magazine.

"Three masts sticking up above the waves near the coastal town of Sheerness in the UK mark the spot where a deadly wreck has been rusting for almost 80 years. They belong to the SS Richard Montgomery, a US second world war-era ship that ran aground in August 1944 with a cargo of bombs. The half-submerged wreck, just 2 kilometres from land, still has 1400 tonnes of TNT in its holds." [read on here...]
(New Scientist, By Mick Hamer, 14 January 2022).

This event has ended
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