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New School Futures Talk

23 November 2023
Professor Emeritus John Wood introduced his ‘New School Futures’ project that envisages the future of learning as an affordable and natural by-product of local community regeneration.
Reinventing the university

Kicking off the Fourth Portal's Education In An Era Of AI event series, Professor John Wood argues that the education system needs a major overhaul in order to face the existential challenges of AI and climate change.

Drawing on decades of teaching, and running university courses and workshops, John takes participants on a fun and light-hearted journey to reconsider how education is delivered and received by learners.

The context

The aim was to help learners to learn more independently and to raise the consciousness of local communities.
To assist in developing more life-affirming and entredonneurial approaches to learning.
We are more interested in the exceptions than in standards or rules.
S E L F (acronym for our 'Self Evaluated Learning Framework')

John introduces SELF, a system to help in thinking about self-learning.

Who should attend

This event is open to anyone interested in how education could benefit from changes to the present status-quo. No formal qualifications are required to attend. Free entry.

Website: New School Futures

Prof. John Wood
John Wood, DipAD, ADF(Manc), FRSA (b. 25 August 1945) is Emeritus Professor of Design at Goldsmiths College, University of London. He taught many Young British Artists when he was Deputy Head of the Fine Art Department at Goldsmiths between 1978 and 1988.[1] He has received AHRC and EPSRC funding for research into metadesign.

Education In An Era Of AI
Find out more about the Fourth Portal's event series, Education In An Era Of AI.
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