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Homage to the Homebrew Computer Club 1

6 July 2023
The Fourth Portal presents, along with Mark Gladwell, Homage to the Homebrew Computer Club. This occasional meetup is for those interested in everything computers, from joystick design to program development.

The Homebrew Computer Club (formed on 5 March 1975) was where Apple's Steve Jobs and Microsoft's Bill Gates first met!
Some of the most innovative minds in coding, engineering and design attended those monthly events. What they created then we still use today.

In homage to that incredible gathering, the Fourth Portal will have more modest occasional gatherings, bringing together those interested in computers in all their forms, coding to 8-bit sound to RAM to AI.

First Meetup | 6 July 2023
The first event hosted retro devices from Gravesend local, Mark Gladwell's vast collection of computers;

  • Apple IIe

  • Amstrad CPC 464

  • Atari 2600

These computers remained on display throughout the following electronic music weekend, 8-9th July, for visitors to play and use. 

Further meet ups followed in August and October, with more throughout 2024.  

Open access
  • There evening is free of charge and there is no expectation.

  • Bring along anything you wish to show, demonstrate, exchange or sell.

  • If there is a demand, we might show a computer-inspired movie.

  • No age minimum or limit, everyone is invited.

  • No experience or understanding of math or how computers work is required.

More on the Homebrew Computing Club below


The Homebrew Computer Club was an early computer hobbyist group in Menlo Park, California, which met from March 1975 to December 1986. The club had an influential role in the development of the microcomputer revolution and the rise of that aspect of the Silicon Valley information technology industrial complex.

Several high-profile hackers and computer entrepreneurs emerged from its ranks, including Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak, the founders of Apple Computer. With its newsletter and monthly meetings promoting an open exchange of ideas, the club has been described as "the crucible for an entire industry" as it pertains to personal computing. [1]

This event series is ongoing.
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