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Funki Porcini Laserium Sunday

28 January 2024
Two sell-out shows, the Laserium took the audience on a journey beyond the usual live performance experience, creating a visual and sound mindscape. Post-events reviews speak of the creation of the universe, the formation of unexpected narratives and sensorial experiences.

About this event
Scrambled brains, unexpected connections of characters with the sounds, took the brain to many different places and calming' are just a few of the comments of those who attended the full Laserium at the Fourth Portal.

The hundred-plus comments from the hundreds of people who viewed the 10-minute Laserium tasters for the Gravesham Light Festival had already piqued the audience's anticipation. What was encountered took the full show audience well beyond what could be expected in any live performance environment.

With over 700 lasers pulsating to a specially written composition, The Laseriu is a Masterpiece by the Ninja Tunes veteran Funki Porcini (James Brandell). Sitting in a blacked-out former seafarers chapel, the Laserium took the audience on a unique and surprising journey that 'fully immersed' yet 'allowed space within the mind to make your own narrative' (Audience comments). 

Who is Funki Porcini?
James Brandell, aka Funki Porcini, is a British music provocateur and humorist of the early Ninja Tunes period. Mixing together surreal jazz, found noise, synthetic strangeness and dream logic. "Funki Porcini" is a twist on "Funghi Porcini", the Italian name of the mushroom Boletus edulis, commonly known as "penny bun".

He spent ten years in Italy making music for film and television.[ Thereafter, he returned to England. In 1994, he signed to independent record label Ninja Tune and set up his own studio, The Uterus Goldmine.

This event has ended.

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