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Funki Porcini Laserium Saturday

27 January 2024
More than 450 queued and were pulsed through the Fourth Portal on the Saturday night of the Graveseham Light Festival to experience the 10-minute taster of the Laserium by Funki Porcini. Reviews stemmed from exceptionally calming to imagining the universe forming.
The Laserium is an 800 laser rig built by composer, musician and artist James Braddell, aka Funki Porcini. A fully immersive experience, the Laserium was the the Fourth Portal Lab's contribution to the second night of the Gravesham Light Festival 2024.

The success of the Friday evening tasters brought even more people to the Fourth Portal Lab on Saturday night. Over 450 queued around our neighbouring Bawley Beach for up to 20 minutes. A rearranged space allowed for larger groups of 25-35 for each 10-minute taster performance throughout the evening. The darkened church was filled with lasers, each dancing off mirrors and glass vibrating to the music of Ninja Tunes veteran.

A hugely diverse audience had the youngest still babies while the eldest audience aged well into the 90s. As with Friday night, the responses were exceptionally positive. Even weeks later, people continue to say how they are still thinking about the evening.

The fully immersive one-hour show took place on Sunday, 28 January 2024.

Gravesham Light Festival continued on Saturday, 27 January 2024, from 5.30pm with extra capacity at Fourth Portal Lab to host even more visitors.

Other nearby events include light installation and shadow show on the Fourth Portal Lab's neighbour, Lightship @lv21.

A talk with the Laserium collaborators Andy Payne and Nicky Cure, who also built the accompanying Crawley bots robots and the laser took place on Sunday afternoon

Who is Funki Porcini?
James Brandell, aka Funki Porcini, is a British music provocateur and humorist of the early Ninja Tunes period.  Mixing surreal jazz, found noise, synthetic strangeness and dream logic.  "Funki Porcini" is a twist on "Funghi Porcini", the Italian name of the mushroom Boletus edulis, commonly known as "penny bun".

He spent ten years in Italy making music for film and television.[ Thereafter, he returned to England. In 1994, he signed to independent record label Ninja Tune and set up his studio, The Uterus Goldmine.

Even more...
More about Funki Porcini can be found on Ninja Tunes here.

The lasers and rig

To learn more about the lasers and the process involved in creating this incredible rig, visit Funki's Bandcamp  

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