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Mickey Mouse Has Entered The Public Domain

No sooner has Mickey Mouse come out of copyright than there is a generative AI model that allows anyone to generate images of Mickey.

2 Jan 2024

The post copyrignt world has arrived, the possibilities are tantalising. 

Mickey Mouse just entered the public domain today and here's a generative AI model that you can play with.
Just type in the words and see what comes out!

Mickey-1928 is fine-tuned version of Stable-Diffusion-xl trained on 96 stills in the public domain from 1928.
Mickey-1928 can generate images of Mickey, Minnie and, to a much lesser extent, Pete (with the prompt PeteLegPete). 

Since 2024, the first three cartoons of Mickey are in the public domain. The final dataset includes:

40 stills from Gallopin' Gaucho (in color)
22 stills from Plane Crazy
34 stills from Steamboat Willie.

The stills are not currently available in high quality and you should not expect consistently good results from Mickey-1928. The color images from Gallopin' Gauchoare in 360x360 pixels. Hopefully with the cartoons now being part of the public domain, higher definition versions should be available.

The generated images aims adhere to the 1928 design in order to have Mickey, Minnie and Pete and in the public domain. This is still a work in progress: while the model is in development, generated images should be checked to ensure they really are in the public domain design.

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