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Updated: Aug 21, 2020

Hot and slow day on North Quay, began by visiting the excellent Brüer Tidman exhibition, gardening and discussing English towns with a couple from Sheffield.


Skippings Gallery | Brüer Tidman Exhibition

Visited the Brüer Tidman show at the local Skippings Gallery on King's Street before opening today. An RCA graduate from the early 1960s, the work is beautifully delivered with deep and complex subjects cleverly curated to bring out the best of the differing styles of an artist actively painting for over 60 years. Must see if in Great Yarmouth. Until 18th August 2020 (except Monday) FREE.

Brüer Tidman has for many years worked in a 19th century warehouse between the river and sea in Gt Yarmouth. Stacked close and deep, his canvases entirely fill the studio, an astonishing accumulation of work, his past and preoccupations crowding in, so that to explore a path between them is a strange and beguiling performance.
Colour is the first impression – always brilliant, with dazzling opacity juxtaposed with broodingly deep translucency... read more (Mandell's Gallery)

Bruer Tideman Exhibition at Skippings Gallery until 18 August 2020 and with artist Peter Rodolfo (right)

Visitors From Sheffield

Visitors to Great Yarmouth from Sheffield came in and really enjoyed the pub and added it to a personal best pub list, which was nice. Conversation revolved around the struggles of English town and they were so impressed by the Greater Anglia train and the views as it approached Great Yarmouth. See video from yesterday's journal post to experience the view.

John M

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