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Hypermedia DIY Open Space 7

13 March 2024
Hypermedia was back building upon the packed February event of DIY poetry, spoken word, music, open mic, visuals, artist talks and discussion and attracted an even larger audience. A full, non-stop programme ran from 7.00pm until 11.00pm. Curated by Hypermedia Events.
About the event
Gravesend's very own Hypermedia presented an emerging evening of DIY poetry, spoken word, music, open mic and discussion at the Fourth Portal Lab in Gravesend. Close to a hundred audience and performers visited over the course of the 4-hour event. Poets, musicians, sound artists and other performers from London, Kent and Gravesend took to the stage. 

The similarities between Hypermedia and the early web

Running Order/Artist Presentation

List to follow... 
7:05 Ronnie
7:10 Zach Dares
7.15 Tony Thorley
7:20 Tony, Harmonica
7:25 Amy
7:30 Betay
7.35 Nick
7:45 Bodie Stanley
7:50 *
7:55 *
8:00 Lee Campbell
8:05 *
8:10 *
8:15 Jonny G
8:20 Aaron
8:25 *
8:30 *
8:35 Sophie
8:40 *
8:45 *
8:50 Colin
8:55 *
9:00 *
9.05 Borje Lorcan
9.10 *
9:15 *
9:30 Knitted Tongues
9:35 *
9:40 *
9:45 Smelliot
9.50 *
9:55 *
10:05 Nahum
10:10 *
10:15 *
10:20 Ryan
10:25 *
10:30 *
10:40 Tom
10:45 Dan Clifford 
10:50 Anthony
10:55 End

Instigated by local Gravesend artists Hypermedia, this open emerging format pushes the boundaries of open mic, gathering and happenings. See all Hyoermedia events to see the performances and discussion from the February 2024 event here.   

Age range
Welcoming to all ages and stages of the creative journey, the evening offered a relaxed space to perform or listen in an informal atmosphere. The youngest for the March event was 12 and the eldest was 85.  

See previous events
To view all the previous Hypermedia Open Space events see the galleries and videos here:
Hypermedia Open Space is free but we do ask audience to pay towards the event what they can afford. 

The curators
Find out more about Hypermedia's founders Harriet and Joe here.
Contact details via Instagram: @hypermediaevents/

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